InnaStar “The Home of the Creatives” was founded in 2022 by film producer, author, and actress, Jacinth Headlam. InnaStar empowers creatives from marginalized backgrounds to achieve their endeavors through self-development & creative workshops, performing arts programming, mentorship, and wellness check-in.

InnaStar will empower individuals to transform their pain into their purpose through the art of storytelling and build their confidence through self-development creative outlets.

Despite our traumas, insecurities, shortcomings, painful relational past, and fear of failure. Let’s dream out loud unapologetically, manifest our vision and activate our purpose. To help allow your inner child’s dreams to be restored and manifested.


These groups are only to create a safe space. So each student can feel comfortable and more relatable to their age group. By being along peers you can relate to, they’ll feel more comfortable opening up in our TRUTH CIRCLE. In order to get UNSTUCK you have to be willing to live in your truth wholeheartedly because that’s your story. Your mess will be transform to your message.

-Teen group: m/f ages: 12-19

-Young adults group: 20-29

-Mature Group: 30 and older


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InnaStar Goals

  • To help allow your inner child’s dreams to be restored and manifested through healing, overcoming fear, and being transformed by renewing your mind.
  • To provide lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adults.

  • To offer educational advancement opportunities and entrepreneurial training for youth.

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InnaStar Vision

The vision and mission of InnaStar organization is to empower, inspire and mentor individuals in the entertainment arena into becoming bright shining stars who believe in themselves, pursue excellence, empower their community, and make a difference with their excellence and talent!

Sponsorship & Donation Make a Difference

InnaStar is a 501c3 nonprofit organization . Your investment in this generation of history makers and trailblazers comes with an exciting set of benefits and privileges.
There are sponsorship packages that provide you with a wealth of brand exposure, name recognition and logo placement, keeping your name and brand at the forefront! All donations for InnaStar Youth Creative Programming & Workshops are greatly appreciated . (This is a Tax Write-off and we’ll send a receipt for tax purposes.)

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Founder: Jacinth Headlam

Founded by film producer, author, and actress, Jacinth Headlam, InnaStar empowers creatives from marginalized backgrounds to achieve their endeavors through self-development workshops, educational programming, mentorship, and wellness check-ins.

Jacinth is a trailblazer who has served as a mentor to young women, giving tirelessly of her time and talent to impact generations of young artists and creatives.

A multi-award-winning actress, author, QVC on-air talent, film producer, a motivational speaker, and above all, a mother, she is the true definition of self-motivation and entrepreneurship.

By producing her own films, she is not only creating opportunities for herself, but most importantly, for others to live out their dreams.

She also just finished shooting her motivational documentary “I’m Jacinth- Love After.”

The documentary covers the story of her life, both in Jamaica and the US.

In February, 2019 Jacinth received a proclamation from the City of Allentown, making February 23rd, “Jacinth Appreciate Day.”

Jacinth also wrote a motivational Memoir: Love After. In this book, Jacinth shares her most intimate and personal stories to reach, teach, restore, and inspire.

Love After promises to help every reader overcome their pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals and insecurities. Jacinth’s open and honest account of everything she’s been through in her life will truly inspire and uplift you.

When she’s not working on set, she loves to write screenplays and mentor adolescents with the goal of helping them fulfill their dreams.

She also enjoys traveling internationally to spread global awareness of the Love After transformational movement on how to transform our pains into purpose, and discover our Inner Star.

Angela Perymon

Angela Perymon Is a commercial model, actress, TV personality, mentor, and community activist. Serving in her community has been one of her greatest joy and passion. As a commercial model She enjoys the opportunity to sell and represent brands on a daily basis. As a community member, she’s constantly challenging the minds of the youths and way they are being educated. All while holding her community leaders accountable for the things they say and do. She wholeheartedly believes becoming an active community member is so important. She have had the pleasure of working with amazing organizations such as POP( Persevere on Purpose), The Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization, Feeding The Homeless, and the YMCA.

Mack Graham Jr.

A native of Staten Island and a graduate of Stony Brook University, Mack’s experience with business management led him to begin his professional career in the music industry in NYC. Having worked with both Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group, he developed his skill set with marketing by promoting various artists. Through the music industry, Mack tapped into his talent to use social media as a primary means of advertising. While Mack found the experience to be valuable, he had a sincere desire to engage in more meaningful work and essentially give back to the community. As a result, Mack chose a social services path and became a foster care planner in 2010.

For eleven years, Mack worked as an advocate for children and families in New York City and Austin, Texas. His passion for communities and social services, especially in urban settings, has always been the driving force of his career. He moved back to New York to further his studies in graduate school and earned his M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership from Fordham University in 2017.

Mack brings numerous strengths as a social justice advocator. With over fifteen years of experience focusing on brand development, social welfare, and nonprofit leadership, Mack currently serves as the Executive Director of the Long Beach Martin Luther King Center, where he manages all daily operations, including programs, fundraising, finances, communications, and staffing. He also serves as the Director of Development at Newark Symphony Hall, overseeing all fundraising, communication, and brand development. Outside of work, Mack serves as Fundraising Chair on the Board of Directors at the Lower East Side Family Union and works on the fundraising committee at the Gathering for Justice (GFJ). He has also been a member of the GFJ rapid response task force – Justice League NYC for the past four years. This social justice organization provides direct services and consults on legislative initiatives while organizing in local and national communities. His desire to create a system to implement positive change, in a macro and yet transferable manner, for underserved communities continues to be his driving force.

Ms. Jackson-Robinson

For over a decade, Ms. Jackson-Robinson has been on a mission to bring people from various backgrounds together through fashion and entertainment. The platforms that she has created have contributed to helping local business owners grow their brands.

Ms. Jackson-Robinson has assisted in the planning and execution of high end professional fashion shows and events throughout the East Coast.

She founded Fashion Forward Citizens in 2013, and she has since transitioned into serving as the Co-owner and Art Director.

Ms. Jackson-Robinson is the founder of Lehigh Valley Fashion Week and has brought together a host of designers, boutiques, models, photographers, videographers and creative talent from throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley and East Coast for nearly a decade.

Ms. Jackson-Robinson has a background in graphic design, runway coaching, photography, and event management and uses her professional experience, skill and business acumen to empower young women in shaping and successfully launching their own beauty, modeling, and fashion industry careers.

She is a wife, mother and business owner, and proud resident of the beautiful city of Allentown.

Rocket West, M.Ed

A graduate of The Howard University School of Education. She brings a wealth of experience in a variety of different industries. She is an experienced entrepreneur having founded a preschool and a tennis facility. Her businesses have been recognized for excellence including awards from multiple publications. Her focus is on the youth and her mission is to expand the horizons of young boys and girls by igniting their love of learning from an early age. Previously a commercial print model and actress she has pivoted her focus to the field of business and education. Rocket brings an elegance, passion, purpose to every endeavor.



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