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Let's dream out loud unapologetically,

manifest our vision and activate our purpose.

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InnaStar “The Home of the Creatives” was founded in 2022 by film producer, author, and actress, Jacinth Headlam. InnaStar empowers creatives from marginalized backgrounds to achieve their endeavors through self-development & creative workshops, performing arts programming, mentorship, and wellness check-in.

InnaStar will empower individuals to transform their pain into their purpose through the art of storytelling and build their confidence through self-development creative outlets.

Despite our traumas, insecurities, shortcomings, painful relational past, and fear of failure. Let’s dream out loud unapologetically, manifest our vision and activate our purpose. To help allow your inner child’s dreams to be restored and manifested.

Target Group

These groups are only to create a safe space. So

each student can feel comfortable and more

relatable to their age group. By being along peers

you can relate to, they'll feel more comfortable

opening up in our TRUTH CIRCLE. In order to get

UNSTUCK you have to be willing to live in your truth

wholeheartedly because that's your story. Your mess

will be transform to your message.

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-Teen group: m/f ages: 12-19

-Young adults group: 20-29

-Mature Group: 30 and older

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InnaStar Vision

The vision and mission of InnaStar organization is to empower, inspire and mentor individuals in the entertainment arena into becoming bright shining stars who believe in themselves, pursue excellence, empower their community, and make a difference with their excellence and talent!

Make a Difference

InnaStar is a 501c3 nonprofit organization . Your investment in this generation of history makers and trailblazers comes with an exciting set of benefits and privileges.

There are sponsorship packages that provide you with a wealth of brand exposure, name recognition and logo placement, keeping your name and brand at the forefront! All donations for InnaStar Youth Creative Programming & Workshops are greatly appreciated . (This is a Tax Write-off and we’ll send a receipt for tax purposes.)

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2022 InnaStar Trailblazer Awards

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InnaStar Workshop

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InnaStar Nigeria

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Jacinth is a talented and award-winning actor, author, QVC TV talent, and Film Producer, dedicated to empowering creatives and transforming pain into purpose through her productions, talks, and writings.

Her latest documentary, "I'm Jacinth - Love After," uplifts and inspires those facing adversity, while her memoir, "Love After," guides individuals through setbacks, hurt, trauma, or betrayal to regain control of their lives.

As the founder of the InnaStar Organization, Jacinth empowers creatives from marginalized communities through workshops, mentorship, and educational programs, inspiring youth to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. InnaStar also hosts the annual Trailblazer Awards, celebrating impactful individuals in the Art community.

Her outstanding efforts earned her a proclamation from the City of Allentown, declaring February 23rd as "Jacinth Appreciation Day." As a devoted mother, she is passionate about creating a better future for her children and youth, promoting her Love After Transformational Movement through travel and awareness-raising.




Angela Perymon

Angela Perymon is a versatile and accomplished individual known for her work as a commercial model, actress, TV personality, mentor, and community activist. She finds joy and fulfillment in serving her community and making a positive impact. Angela's dedication to education, inspiring young minds, and holding community leaders accountable reflects her commitment to bettering her community.

She has collaborated with organizations like POP, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Feeding The Homeless, and the YMCA. As a proud mother and video podcast host of "Behind Da Vibez," Angela engages in insightful conversations with guests. Her self-help book, set to launch in 2024, aims to empower readers with practical advice to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Angela's passion for helping others shines through in all her endeavors.

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Cyrie Jackson-Robinson, an accomplished entrepreneur and fashion industry leader, has spent over a decade using fashion and entertainment to unite people from diverse backgrounds. With expertise in graphic design, runway coaching, photography, and event management spanning two decades, she has played a crucial role in planning and executing high-end fashion shows and events on the East Coast.

As the Owner of Cyrie Agency (Image development/branding) she has contributed significantly to local and international businesses' growth and empowered young women and men. Cyrie is also the founder of Lehigh Valley Fashion Week, bringing together designers, boutiques, models, and creative talent from the Greater Lehigh Valley and East Coast for nearly a decade. Additionally, she established the Cyrie Agency, a consultancy focused on marketing, branding, and image development. Passionate about empowering young women in the beauty, modeling, and fashion industry, Cyrie's professional experience and business acumen have been guiding them. Proudly residing in Allentown, she remains dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity, earning her a prominent leadership position.

Rocket West


Rocket West, M.Ed is a highly accomplished professional with a degree from The Howard University School of Education. With extensive experience across various industries, she is a successful entrepreneur who has founded both a preschool and a tennis facility. Her businesses have been acknowledged for excellence by multiple publications. Rocket is deeply committed to working with young people and is passionate about expanding their horizons and igniting a love of learning from an early age.

After starting her career as a commercial print model and actress, she redirected her focus towards business and education. Her elegance, passion, and purpose are evident in everything she does, making her a highly sought-after professional in her field.

Tilesha Smith

Tilesha Smith is a multi-talented professional with a rich background. As a Content Creator, she crafts compelling stories that captivate audiences. With a flair for style, Tilesha is also an Hair Stylist and Freelance Makeup Artist, enhancing beauty and confidence. Her expertise extends to the digital realm, where she excels as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Tilesha is a dedicated mother of five, demonstrating her exceptional time management and nurturing skills. Tilesha's commitment to her community is evident in her role as a Community Liaison, fostering connections and support.

Notably, Tilesha is a Prayer Warrior, displaying deep spiritual strength and compassion. Her diverse talents, combined with her warm-hearted nature, make her a truly inspiring individual.

Michelle is a global citizen who strives to bring communities together through connecting NPO’s and developing educational programs. Founder of ICF and ICEP, she also leads the U.S. Div. of Cleverminds Educational Foundation in Nigeria. She has spent several years serving her community in which she has received multiple City, PA House of Representatives, & Senate of PA proclamations for her efforts.

Michelle’s passion stems from her own struggle as a troubled youth and lack of support in her educational journey.

She is dedicated to enhancing educational systems internationally in order to ensure all children have an opportunity at obtaining a well rounded education.

Michelle Zattoni

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